Facebook Users Declining ? Find out why

Facebook? How do you react to it when someone asks about it? Wouldn’t you love to talk out on that? well you would but deep inside you would know that you are losing interest in facebook which once could never have been side lined. Why is it that facebook now not the thing which it used to be ? I have the answer for that and will discuss it from my point of view.

Same old thing:

Facebook when first launched had no tough competitors and the people had never seen something like that . Facebook was the place for people to make friend online and chat with them and most probably all the time. Chat feature was one which was the favourite among people and ‘wall’ was no different either. Wall became the place where one could know what the other is doing and if it is interesting they would try on that. Apps and games like ‘Farm Ville’ had made people miss sleeps and engage with that. Now ? people have become a bit more practical and eve3n bored of doing the same thing. Apps that are now being build are of not much high quality and not interesting certainly. The lack of creative new ideas have just driving out traffic from the No.1 social Network in the world.

Friend Request Block:

Although this move was much appreciated by the female sex on facebook but it also became the major reason for seeing declines in the traffic to their own site. Do you think all the people come on facebook to chat with their real friends ? I will say only 50% of them might do so but the rest have come to make new friends over facebook. As of the new move from facebook, Friends Request feature will be blocked for certain number of days if the people who they have requested deny their Friends Request . This feature now has made many of them to leave facebook and try on the other social networking site like orkut, hi5 etc…

Spam Links:

If you have been following facebook from the last two moths you will be seeing ‘n’ number of spam links on facebook and some of which also cause malware attacks. Spam links go viral and make everyone effect in the friends list . The links are made so attractive that most probably than not you would like to open the link and see it. This created of felling of discomfort in the minds of the people. Although facebook is trying hard to recover from it but the efforts are not just valiant enough.


Although the group feature was introduced to help out its user but the decision seems to be working against it. Anyone can add you to the group if he is a friend of yours. The peace of mind is just taken away as every single chat made over the group is mandatorily shown to all the members of the group. Thus , people spread out their links and promote their products which could really be annoying.

If you have any more reasons then do tell us

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One Response to “Facebook Users Declining ? Find out why”

  1. JATIN says:

    A recent report by Inside Facebook suggested that Facebook, since a couple of months from the beginning of 2011 entered into a user losing streak.


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