How To Transfer Data From One PC To Another On LAN

We have already discussed how to connect to remote pc on lan. This article will help you to transfer data from another PC through Lan on Windows operating systems. It is to be noted that speed of transfer can vary over different physical medium. It is max on wired lan and slow on wireless lan networks.

Steps To Enable Transferring of Data

  • Note down the ip address of the computer from which you want to download/transfer files.

Goto start — > Run on host computer(One from which you want to download file)

Type ‘cmd’ and press enter

Type ‘ipconfig’

Note the ip address from data provided on the screen

  • Go to start — > Run on PC where you want to get the files
  • Type “ ip address”


You may be asked to enter login details

  • Shared Documents folder will open and you can download files which are put up there
You can only access shared folder till you set the hard drive on sharing mode. We will give tutorial soon on how to set you hard drive on sharing mode.

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2 Responses to “How To Transfer Data From One PC To Another On LAN”

  1. I have tried this in the office and transferred some songs from my friends PC thanks for this tutorial Sandeep.

  2. sohan shetty says:

    it seems to be working wow !!!!!!!great sandeep thanx………..

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