How to Display Your Picture in Google Search Results

If you have recently searched for something in Google then you might have probably seen Pictures of authors near the Search Result. This feature was recently implemented by Google and picture in google search results are becoming the new trend. If you own a Multi-Author Blog or Site then you might be enticed to use it as well.

Here is an example of how Picture in Google Search Results will be displayed.

Picture in Google Search Results

This thing is referred to as Google Authorship and it is slowly becoming very popular around the web. This feature gives your Name and Profile Picture from Google Plus in the results. The profile Picture that is displayed in search results is actually linked to your Google Plus Account which might be heavily beneficial in scoring popularity marks.

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Steps to Display Profile Picture in Google Search Results:

  • Create About Me Page:

Almost Everyone has a “About Me” Page in blogs/sites , if you don’t have it make one.

  • Link To Google Plus From About Me:

This is very important , you need to link your About me page to your google plus account with rel=”me”


<a href=”google-plus-profile-url” rel=”me”>Google Plus</a>

  • Link To About Me Page From All your Posts:

This is becomes complicated and what you need to do is create a link to your “About Me” page from posts/stories written by you with rel=”author” .


<a rel=”author” href=””>About</a>

Link “About Me” Page in Google+:

Sign in to your Google + account and create a Custom Link in your profile settings which points to your about page.

That’s it you are done. Now just fill this form and Google will let you know if there are any implementation issues.

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