Hide My Ass Summer Sale

Hide My Ass Summer Sale If you’ve ever considered getting a Pro subscription with HMA (Hide My Ass), NOW is the moment to go for it. The Summer sale is finishing at the end of August 2013.

What’s HMA (Hide My Ass)?

I’m sure you already know, but just in case, HMA is a VPN service that allows you to use anonymous proxies, the best known, most reputable of all. It allows you to anonymize your Internet activities, and access websites in spite of all censorship. When you use HMA, you get access to 54,000+ IP addresses located in 111 locations in 61 countries.

HideMyAss also enables you to unblock internet web sites that you ‘d like. For instance, in example you can not see the video that you would certainly like given that the site is stopped, HMA unblocks it in a split second.

What are Proxies?

Essentially, proxies are used to aid internet users. They will help them shield their security when they are running online. Over the last few years, increasingly more business have actually begun offering a VPN service as they understand that their customers are becoming increasingly more in tune with the security concerns that are present online.

A proxy is, in it’s easiest terms a relay, an ‘in between’ computer: you make your demand for websites to the proxy, it fetches them and sends out the contents back. As far as the other end is concerned they believe it is the proxy connecting.

A proxy isn’t really needed, yet it is often beneficial. If you want to visit a site without distributing your IP, or if you are slightly skeptical of a web link you have actually been given it cold cost accustomeding one.

Anonymous proxies can keep you hidden from hackers and logs. There are several readily available if you look in Google, yet two of my favorite are the StrongVPN and HMA (Hide My Ass) both of which have a free of cost version.

One difference between HMA and StrongVPN is the number of server adjustments that is enabled. With HMA, the number of server adjustments that you can make is unlimited, whereas with StrongVPN, a limit is enforced. The reason anybody would certainly alter from one server to another to begin with, is the opportunity that a particularly server ends up being jeopardized for whatever function that you were utilizing it for. A media streaming site could identify a specific server as being accustomeded to prevent its restrictions, leading it to place a ban on all hookups originating from that server. You would certainly then not be able to accustomed that server, and would certainly have to alter servers.

While both HMA and StrongVPN have fairly excellent speeds, you also have to identify that accustomeding any type of form of VPN, indeed, if it is the most effective VPN service readily available, will create some level of stagnation with your internet speeds. This is entirely organic, considering that all the details involving your computer is initial being filtered before reaching you.

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Currently HMA (Hide My Ass) Pro services are on saleand prices are cut dramatically. So if you ever considered getting serious with anonymous proxies and Internet security, click here to sign up and take advantage of the Hide My Ass Summer Sale.

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