5 Best Free iPod touch Apps and Games for Bloggers

This article will deal with the best free ipod touch app  for bloggers.Nomophobia is the term given to people who have a fear of being out of mobile phone contact. This phobia has expanded its horizon and covering areas of blogging platforms and social networking sites. If you always want to stand at the frontiers of technology and stay informed, free apps are now available for the iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone that will keep you updated with every move on your blog site. Some reliable ipod touch applications for bloggers are:

ipod touch app

1. WordPress for iPod Touch:

Serious bloggers do not need to be told about the blogging platform WordPress. This is the best possible application that can help you write a blog post, edit pages upload photos and organize comments on your blog from your iPhone, iPod Touch or the iPad. It is the closest thing after computers. This application is supported by WordPress.com and self hosted WordPress. So this ipod touch app would be loved by many bloggers.

2. Twitterrific:

Another big name in blogging and social networking sites is Twitter. Twitter, where your 140 character posts are read by your followers and vice versa, have gained global admiration. The power of Twitter is now available in your palm. Twitterific, powered and supported by Twitter, is yet another popular application, which is offered free for the iDevices. The basic advantage of Twitterrific over Twitter manual browse over phone is that it connects with all your twittering friends in a very user-friendly way because of its easy interface. This ipod touch app is for all micro bloggers and helpful for bloggers too

3. Dragon Dictation:

Dragon Dictation is a powerful and revolutionizing application. Some people still find typing on phones a cumbersome task. Dragon Dictation 2.0 listens to their dictations and converts it to text transcripts. It can be used to dictate status updates for your social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter. This app allows you to send messages and emails to a friend, and compiles notes and reminders in your very own voice. Dragon Dictation operates in a number of languages.

4. Mobile RSS:

For iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone, Mobile RSS is an app that will keep you informed and updated about almost anything you want. From blogs, music, or technology, all info is at the swipe of your fingers. Mobile RSS has inbuilt options in its interface for Facebook, Twitter, Evernote, Del.icio.us, and many more. RSS feeds run by Google Reader and other authentic websites will provide you with everything after subscription.

5. Flickr:

Flickr is a hosting website that enables you to share images, videos and other web services. Flickr is mostly used by bloggers to attach upload images to their blogs and social media networks. This website has more than six billion images as reported in August 2011. Flickr has officially launched apps for the iPhone, iPad and iPhone. All of its photo and video sharing capabilities, along with blogging facilities can be operated via your palm device.

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