Four damages caused by incompetent professionals posing as SEO experts

Search Engine Optimization industry sees more new-comers coming into the industry as compared to any other professions associated with the World Wide Web. Mainly because you need some technical skills to become a web developer or a web designer, even for non-technical jobs such as freelance writing, you need to have extra ordinary English comprehension and writing skills to make a mark. But when it comes to SEO, people take it for granted. They will go through the basics, learn a couple of low quality link building techniques, and declare themselves SEO professionals. And the absence of any reliable certificate or degree makes it easier for the imposters. This trend is causing many problems for all and sundry, including clients, webmasters, genuine professionals, and the web in general. Let’s take a look at some of these losses.

SEO Mistakes

1.   Doling out wrong information:

The biggest drawback of having these self-proclaimed experts is the spread of wrong information regarding Search Engine Optimization. They will start their blogs, go to the forums, and respond to people looking for answers related to on page or off page optimization, giving out some horrendous advises in process. That’s precisely the reason we still see SE submissions being considered a requisite, or link acquired from directory submissions as an achievement of some sort.

2.   Messing up the prices:

Because they haven’t invested any time in learning, nor they are willing to invest any time on client’s website, they will charge dirt-cheap prices just to get the customers on board. They won’t mind charging $80 for SEO service, because basically they are not doing much, and whatever they get is a bonus. Such prices have messed up the market price, and many clients have actually started to believe that $80, $90 per month is more than enough for someone providing comprehensive SEO services.

3.   One bad apple spoils the whole bunch:

You will easily find a number of disgruntled clients, who have hired incompetent SEO professionals and ended up losing their money. These customers go around giving bad names to SEO professionals and even SEO industry on the whole. They will trap the clients by proving guarantees to rank their website on top for any given keyword like 123 inkjets coupons or 4 inkjets discount. What clients need to realize is that if they were able to rank for any keyword, they will be earning hundreds and thousands by working for themselves, instead of running after small SEO jobs.

4.   Spam and Black hat tactics:

SEO requires hard work and lots of patience and they are not ready to use any of that. They will get involved in spam and black hat techniques that become even more detrimental in the hands of an unskilled professional. Result is all that spam you see in your inbox, social media, or web in general. Most of these incompetent guys are 3 -4 years behind in terms of what’s happening in SEO industry, no wonder you will some of them offering Search Engine submissions in their SEO packages.

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One Response to “Four damages caused by incompetent professionals posing as SEO experts”

  1. jeffkgross says:

    Misheal pointed at one potential big problem for SEO industry. It is to many SEO experts which will provide SEO service at any price and unintentionally ruin clients reputation. That is key point of this useful post. Hope that someone of those “SEO experts” will read this and realize what damage they cause to whole SEO industry.

    Thanks Misheal, great work here!

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