How to compare country based google search results

Google is the best search engine around the world and there is no country in which google would not be used. If you are frequent googler you would know that the domain name of the google search varies with country and so does its results. Google has its own set of domains for each country and it varies the search results so that its users could be benefited with the results best suited for them.

Here are some domain names based on different countries

  • US/Main –
  • France –

These are just samples and there are many more countries for which google gives different search results. Many countries like India do not allow pornographic contents. So if someone complaints about it then google does omit those sites from the searches.

Here is a site which lets you compare search results of different country based search engines. Chilling Effect is the option if you want to compare search results. It would be of great use specially for bloggers who would love to see their blog rankings in different countries.

Lets see an example

I have used the word sex for a  search between and

As you can clearly see there is a difference in the results you get.

So have a try now at Google comparator

Did you have a try , do let us know your opinions

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