5 sites to learn PHP

PHP is one of the most sought server side programming language. PHP is a scripting language where you can build and deploy php for better web components. WordPress is one of the best softwares which makes use of PHP. By the way WordPress is a CMS(Content Management Software) mainly used by many for creating and developing blogs.

If you would like to install one for yourself then learn how to install wordpress and also check out how you can earn from blogging here.

Now lets move on with the topic and here are 5 sites ti learn PHP scripting language online.


W3schools has been one of my favourite sites to learn web development languages. Although it is quite familiar and popular for learning HTML but it is also one of the best places to learn PHP language as well. W3 Schools have always been known for their friendly interfaces and tutorials. Starting from basics of PHP like syntax to connecting with Database all the tutorials are put up in such a manner that it can be understood by one who is coming from a different field all together. Examples play a crucial part in the learning process and they know it very well.

Goto W3Schools here


This is the official site of php. The site has everything which you need to know about php. If you are on geek interested in developing sites using php then you should probably start learning now itself.

Go to PHP.NET here


LearnPHPOnline is another site which serves you with tutorials for learning php.   You can find the difference between functions and find examples which makes you knowledgeable in php.

Go to PHP Online here


If you are not satisfied with the contents from the sites above and need some more tutorials then Tizag php tutorials will help you learn again from the basics. Covers everything in PHP and tutorials on  how to use POST and GET commands, how to use strings, sessions and cookies which can be really helpful to learn php.

Go to Tizag here
PHP Buddy:

PHPBuddy contains articles and tutorials on how to do basic PHP actions such as how to work with Sessions,encryption and protecting your PHP code. This is the best site if you want to learn how to make php secure as it provides more tutorials on securing your php code.

Go to PHP buddy here

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2 Responses to “5 sites to learn PHP”

  1. Asho @ ifratura.com says:

    Nice article…

    Here is how i learned PHP…

    1. Started with w3schools by learning basics…
    2. Then i got a amazing ebook which has how to build 8 practical php applications… wonderful step by step tutorial which made me to go from zero to hero in PHP…
    3. Then i daily learn 5 functions from PHP.net…
    4. I spend some time in answering some questions in stackoverflow…

    thats it…

    Now i am very good in PHP…

  2. URL says:

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    [...] Read More here: techfreakblog.com/5-sites-to-learn-php/ [...]…

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